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Lansing Windows Vinyl Replacement Windows are superior in every category – performance, energy-efficiency, construction, no maintenance. There are several options available for you to upgrade the appearance and feel of your home. Whatever your needs or budget, we have a window just right for you!

Lansing Series 90

Pinnacle of Performance and Styling. Our Series 90 is the very best of our premium vinyl replacement windows, offering superior energy efficiency and durability as well as a range of premium enhancements made standard and our widest selection of optional features.

Lansing Series 80

No window more beautifully exemplifies the superior quality of our replacement windows than the Series 80. With its beveled mainframe styling and handsome brick mold appearance, it’s hard to believe this is a vinyl window. The Series 80 – choose it for its superior energy efficiency and durability, but appreciate it for its elegance.

Lansing Series 40

Where Affordability Meets Style. With the 40, you receive the benefits of nearly maintenance-free vinyl enhanced by innovative design. What makes the Series 40 so special? Start with the superior performance and reliability. Add durability and energy efficiency. Then top it all off with an elegant design.

Lansing Series 10

Bringing Quality & Value Home. This is fundamentally basic window with a lot to offer. Superior workmanship translates into reliability and durability. Loaded with features to ensure energy efficiency and ease of operation, the Series 10 lets you enjoy the freedom from maintenance that vinyl guarantees, and the beauty that comes only with a Lansing window.

Lansing New Construction Windows

Today’s home buyers are better educated as to what they want in a home. While aesthetic is important, quality, value, and durability are all equally as important. Homeowners want features, benefits, and performance that won’t wear out and cause them concern. Lansing Series vinyl windows are crafted to deliver everything your home buyers want, and more.

Series 450 Double Hung with Brick Mould Exterior, Series 460 Double Hung Without J-Channel

Make the most of your new construction investment with the Lansing Series 450. This window features a beautiful true brick mould exterior frame perimeter and an integrated J-Channel for easy installation. The Series 460 is available if you don’t desire a J-channel.

Series 150 Single Hung with Brick Mould Exterior, Series 160 Single Hung Without J-Channel

When you need variety and value, the Series 150 is available as a single hung option, or in architectural shapes and a picture window. This series is engineered for durability, and for its attractiveness with our attractive brick mould exterior. The Series 160 is available without the J-Channel.

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