Energy Star Compliance Means Added Benefits and Quality

Miller Window uses top quality Energy Star products. What does this mean for you? It is a trusted symbol in the industry. Not only does ES partner with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is also the government-backed label for both short and long-term energy efficiency for a multitude of products nationwide. In fact, the EPA ensures that these brands and their individual lines earn their approval to sport the ES label independently. Energy Star independent certification means Miller Window brands and products stand up to the quality, performance and savings you desire.

Speaking of SAVINGS, a whopping $430 billion has been saved since 1992 on energy bills alone, due to Energy Star and their respective partners. This attraction has led to almost 80,000 homeowners upgrading their existing homes to Energy Star in 2016. Not only do Energy Star products save money, but also energy. In 2015, while Energy Star compliant homes saved $34 billion dollars on bills, they also save 503 billion kWh of energy!

Miller Window prides itself on saving money and energy consumption for its customers. So, what kind of individual savings can you expect by choosing qualified windows and doors? According to, consumers can save up to $465 per year when replacing single-pane windows. Expect to save around $111 per year when replacing double-paned. Average savings in Florida regions is $280 per year for single-pane and $126 per year for double-pane. If your home is new construction, expect these savings instantly by choosing ES windows and doors by Miller Window right off the bat! On average, replacing single-pane windows with Energy Star qualified windows in a 2,000 sq ft single story home in Florida saves 6.2 Btu of energy annually. In other terms, that’s the equivalent of keeping an entire refrigerator of goods ice cold for over four years.

Miller Window chooses Energy Star qualified brands and products for their customers. Save money, save energy and get kudos for “going green.”