How Long Does a Window Replacement Take?

Window replacement is a bigger project than many homeowners anticipate, but with the right company, it does not take very long at all. Replacing windows can dramatically improve your home’s comfort, efficiency, and appearance – and, in most cases, can be completed in less than a day by an experienced installer like Miller Window.


The preparation stage is fairly quick. An experienced window replacement company will assess your home and take measurements to ensure the accurate ordering of replacement windows. They’ll also discuss financing options, brands, styles, and warranties. This prep work usually takes just a couple of hours.

Window Removal

Removing old windows is one of the messier steps, but crews are highly skilled at getting windows in and out efficiently. They’ll dismantle and remove the old frames, sashes, and any exterior or interior trims. Most homeowners are surprised by how quickly experienced installers can get windows out – usually just a few hours for the average home.


New window installation is where timing can vary most based on the home and the number of windows. However, a highly skilled crew can typically install windows of 8-10 average size in a single day. They’ll carefully place the new window frames, secure them, add trim, and complete minor repairs to the opening.

Finishing touches

Caulk and weatherstripping are applied to create an air and watertight seal. Interior and exterior trims are re-installed, and any minor patching or repairs to walls or ceilings are completed. Clean-up of debris is also included. Most full-day installations are fully wrapped up by the late afternoon or evening.

A Bright New Outlook

With the right company, window replacements that took weeks can often be completed in a day or less. It’s a quick project that yields massive benefits to your home’s aesthetics, comfort, and efficiency for years.

Add Some Sparkle to Your Home

Are you ready to brighten your home with sparkling new windows? Miller Window has decades of experience completing full home window replacements in as little as one day. Contact us today on (386) 775-2893 for a free, no-obligation estimate. Rest easy knowing your project will be finished before you know it.