How Long Does Window Installation Take for A New Home?

Window installation for a new home takes 2-4 days depending on the window type. But that is only possible when working with professionals with the experience and equipment to do the job quickly and efficiently. Of course, there are other factors that influence the duration.

Here we’ll briefly discuss a few factors that affect how long window installation takes for a new home in Orange City.

Size Of the Windows

Some new homeowners want custom, while others prefer standard-size-built windows. Naturally, standard-sized windows are readily available, and delivering them to your address only takes a call.

That is not the case with custom-sized windows. They will take longer to build and deliver to the site. Furthermore, some window manufacturers can be reluctant when such a request comes from less reputable installers. Ensure your contractor has some level of credibility.

Number Of Windows

How long window installation takes for a new home also depends on the number of windows. For instance, a custom home in Orange City will need many and often large windows that will take longer to install. On the other hand, ordinarily, homes need a few standard-sized ones. In such a case, the installation process will be swift, with only two days.

If your new home needs many windows, a professional installer can dedicate more resources and workforce to ensure the task goes as agreed.

Type Of Window

Some windows are more complex to install than others. For example, bay windows require more time to craft and mould the protruding bay. Additionally, windows such as casements often require the removal of existing masonry, which takes time.

Other unique features like non-standard muntin grids will also prolong the installation process. Therefore, the complexities of various window types can impact the time taken to install them.

Only Work with Professional Window Installers

Ultimately the contractor you pick will determine how long it takes to install windows in your new home.

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