Hurricane Impact Windows

All of Florida faces the threat of hurricanes, tropical storms, and tornadoes annually. Therefore, it is vital to prepare your property for a disaster. Hurricane impact windows offer many benefits to your home.

There are many options available when it is time to “hunker down” during a severe storm, but are they worth the investment? Plywood and similar materials seem to be a popular last-minute idea. But, who wants to stand in long lines at the hardware store hoping they haven’t sold out? Additionally, the installation is labor intensive, and leaves ugly holes and marks on your home’s exterior. The panels block light as well, and cut off a potential means of escape.

Shutters can be an alternative to plywood. However, they are an expensive investment. Clear panels are hard to come by, so they tend to also block light as well as emergency exits. Storing the shutters throughout the year can also be a burden. Who wants all those large panels stuffed into their garage, attic or shed? It is inconvenient to install them for every storm, which is why we see so many homes with shutters left up year-round.

Hurricane impact windows are the best choice. These wind-resistant products meet or exceed current gold-standard testing requirements for large and small missile resistance. Knowing your windows are safe offers peace of mind right off the bat. These impact-resistant windows are part of your home’s structure, offering continuous protection, which leaves little room for worry. You never have to buy costly, last-minute materials. You won’t have to break your back hammering and drilling holes into your home. And, you won’t have to wait by the phone, hoping there’s room on an installer’s schedule.

No method of protecting your home from disaster is fool-proof. However, hurricane impact windows have a high probability to survive hurricane force winds and debris, and you are more likely to save your home and move on with your life and loved ones, distress-free.

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