Hurricane Windows

Hurricane WindowsFlorida is no stranger to hurricanes! In fact, the Sunshine State has been hit by more hurricanes than any other US state. For this reason and many others, homes and businesses need high-impact hurricane windows. 

These hurricane windows provide a much needed fortress effect for your home or business. And if you’ve ever been through a Central Florida hurricane where your windows are shaking violently, then you’ve likely thought about hurricane windows.

Hurricane Windows From Miller Window

Miller Window is your top installer for hurricane windows in Central Florida. We are a licensed contractor committed to keeping your home or business safe.

We have a wide selection of hurricane windows to choose from. And it’s not just about numbers. Every window is of the highest quality and from the most reputable manufacturers.

Our collection of hurricane windows has been carefully tested by our manufacturers to withstand Category 5 hurricane-force winds and debris. With these resilient windows, you can rest assured that you and your property will be safe and sound no matter what nature throws your way.

Hurricane Impact Wndows

Why Choose Hurricane Windows From Us

Customer Service

With over two decades of experience installing hurricane windows, we know all that it takes to get the job done right. We take pride in the unparalleled customer service that we provide to all our customers. 

As a family business, we have a vested interest in our community welfare. That’s why we ensure our work goes above and beyond customers’ expectations.

High-end Professional Installation

Having quality hurricane windows is one thing. Making sure they get installed correctly is another. 

That’s where we come in. With our team of highly trained and experienced professionals, you can trust that your windows will get installed perfectly.

And we don’t cut corners. We take our time to do things right so you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is well-protected.

There is nothing more important about residential windows than the installation. If you have top brand windows, but they’re poorly installed, then you have a potential disaster on your hands.

At Miller Window, our installation process is honed to a science. We ensure every aspect of the installation is perfect. This is the only way to prevent future problems.


Energy Star Rated WindowsApart from protecting your property from hurricanes and intruders, our storm-tight windows can also help you save money on energy bills. That’s because they are ENERGY STAR® rated windows, which means they are highly energy-efficient.

Brands That We Install

As a company grounded in excellence, we only partner with the highest quality brands to ensure that your windows can withstand the strongest storms. Our hurricane window collection comes from top brands such as:

  • Pella
  • CGI Impact Resistant Windows & Doors
  • PGT industries
  • Alside
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While most manufacturers claim to produce high-quality hurricane-resistant windows, few can live up to the hype. But as window installers with a combined experience of 50-plus years, we know which products stand the test of time.

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