Is All Window Glass In Florida The Same?

No, all window glass in Florida is not the same. They come in different types, and their use depends on your location, purpose, and budget. Here are four types of window glass that are commonly used in Florida:

1. Low-E Window Glass

Low emissivity or low-E window glass is popular in Florida for its ability to block UV rays. These sun rays can damage anything placed near the window, especially furniture. They get absorbed and cause deterioration and discoloration.

Homeowners use this Low-E window glass to protect their belongings from fading while still enjoying the view of sunlight. While it looks like your typical glass, it has a thin metallic coating that reflects the UV rays away. Since it comes in various ratings, ensure you talk to your contractor to get the best one for your home.

2. Tempered Window Glass

Florida is prone to harsh weather. Storms are common in this region. They can cause significant property damage and injury. To protect everyone, homeowners use tempered window glass.

This type of glass gets exposed to high heat and hardened through a thermal process. This treatment method toughens it to withstand harsh weather conditions. In case of impact, it does not shatter into shards like regular glass. Instead, it breaks into small marble-sized pieces that reduce the risk of injury.

3. Insulated Window Glass

Another popular type of window glass in Florida is insulated window glass. It helps reduce your energy bills while protecting you from the scorching heat. It prevents heat transfer between both sides of the window, keeping your living space cool and comfortable.

Insulated window glass or gas-filled window consist of two glass with an insulating layer between them. This layer contains a gas, either argon or krypton, which acts as a barrier to heat transfer. With insulated window glass, you can prevent heat loss and save on energy bills during the cold months. However, it requires professional installation for maximum efficiency.

4. Laminated Window Glass

Laminated window glass is a type of safety glass that’s very common in Florida. It is a high-impact-resistant glass used in areas prone to hurricanes and strong winds. It protects your home from flying debris carried during storms. Also, it can also prevent break-ins if you live in high-crime neighborhoods.

This type of glass consists of two or more glass layers with a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer in between. The three-layered design creates an incredibly thick and robust window glass that can withstand high impact. (1)

When hit, the glass may crack, but it does not shatter into pieces. The PVB layer holds the shattered pieces together, preventing them from falling off. Such window glass can protect you and your loved ones when your neighbor’s porch furniture flies through your window during a hurricane.

Miller Window Window Glass Installation

Most window glass is of high quality. However, it’s the installation that matters most when protecting your home. You can get the best window glass but end up with a faulty installation, compromising its ability to protect you.

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