Main Reason A Window Leaks In Central Florida

Window leaks are a serious issue, especially in areas prone to storms like Florida. They can pose a threat to the integrity of your house, not to mention the annoying drafts and clean-up you must do after heavy downpours.

But what is the main reason for a window to leak in Central Florida? Keep reading to find out.

Poor Installation

The most common cause of window leaks is poor installation. No matter how good your window materials are, if they are not installed properly, you will experience leaks. But what exactly constitutes poor installation?

Improper shimming. The space between the window frame and the wall requires shims to ensure a snug fit. They ensure your rectangular windows align perfectly and are level within the opening. If this is not done correctly, the windows collect water that seeps in during heavy rains.

However, you can prevent such window leaks. You only need to work with a professional window installer like Miller Window. With over 50 years of combined experience serving Florida residents, they can guarantee a perfect fit to keep your home dry and protected.

Poor Seal on the Frame

Another common culprit for window leaks is a poor seal. There is a layer of expanding foam between the window flame and the surface. This material seals gaps and spaces between the frame and the wall to prevent water from seeping in.

However, if your installer uses too little foam, it will create small air channels that allow water to seep into your home. Your replacement window installer should accurately measure the aperture of your window frame to prevent such an issue.

The outer seal, also known as caulk, can also break. It deteriorates with time due to various elements like UV exposure and temperature fluctuations. When this happens, you must replace or reapply the caulking to prevent water from penetrating your home. (1)

Fix Your Leaking Windows

The best and the most comprehensive solution to fixing your leaking windows is replacing them. But you have to work with professionals to avoid a repeat of the same problem.

At Miller Window, we offer high-quality replacement windows and installation services in Florida. We have the expertise to ensure you never experience window leaks again. Contact us today via phone ((386) 775-2893) or email for a free estimate. We are privileged to serve Orange City, Deltona, Deland, New Smyrna, Daytona, as well as the nearby communities.

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