Most Common Residential Window Type in Florida

Having the right window type to match the feel of your Florida home has multiple benefits, including increasing aesthetics, ventilation, and natural lighting. So, what common window types would suit your home, whether you are remodeling or newly building? Here are some.

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows have two sashes: one fixed and one movable. The movable sash opens upwards for ventilation. Due to their affordability, single-hung windows are one of the most popular options for homes. They offer less ventilation as they come in smaller sizes. It is also hard to clean them on multi-story buildings.

Double-Hung Windows

These windows differ from single-hung ones since they have two movable sashes. For this reason, they offer more ventilation and lighting. They are also easier to clean due to their flexibility. They are more expensive than single-hung windows and are hard to close.

Casement Windows

Another classic is casement windows, which open outwards like a door. They have a hinge on one side to enable movement. Likewise, they feature a crank used to open and close the window. These windows offer unobstructed airflow and views, besides being easy to operate.

Compared to single and double-hung windows, casement windows are more expensive. They are also harder to wash on the outside.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are rectangular-style windows featuring a hinge at the top and a crank at the bottom. You use the crank to open the window outwards. These windows are usually huger but lock tightly, making them energy-efficient. Still, they are not your best option for an escape route.

Bay Windows

These windows extend from the walls of your home, mainly consisting of three windows. Their angular placement at 30, 45, or 90 degrees creates more room for your home by forming a bay. Their massive sizes create amazing views for your home and increase usable area. Notably, you can choose from various styles of bay windows depending on your taste. (1)


These styles are a few of the window types you can select for your Florida home. Note that choosing the type is not the end of the road. You need to ensure your windows are energy-efficient, impact-resistant, and affordable. It is always wise to consult with a well-versed window installment technician to help you as you choose.

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