Tax Exempt Windows

The Home Hardening Tax Exemption relief bill went into effect on May 6, 2022. This is an important piece of legislation for homeowners in Florida.

This bill makes impact-resistant windows and doors tax free for two years starting July 1, 2022! Depending on where you live in Florida, sales tax runs 6% to 7%. So this bill is estimated to save Florida residents and business owners more than $400M over the next two years.

So if your windows are old and lacking in impact resistance and energy efficiency, there has never been a better time to invest in new windows and doors. The bill is designed to encourage and incentivize Florida homeowners to harden (protect) their homes against the threat of powerful hurricanes.

By investing in windows that have the latests and highest ratings for energy efficiency and impact resistance, you’re taking important steps to fortify your home. So if you’ve been thinking about new windows or doors for some time, now is the time.

One note for full transparency: the Florida sales tax credit is only for the windows (physical materials), and does not include installation, freight, permits, or other related job costs. However, it is still a very nice savings and a great incentive for homeowners in Florida.