What is The Best Material for a Window Frame?

One of the most important decisions when choosing new windows is selecting the right material for the window frame. Different materials have their own pros and cons in terms of durability, energy efficiency, cost and aesthetic appeal.

Let’s break down the three most common frame materials in Volusia and Seminole counties and what factors to consider.

Common Frame Materials 

  1. Wood

Wooden window frames have a classic, natural look that enhances many homes’ beauty and curb appeal. However, wood requires more maintenance than other options. It needs to be periodically repainted, stained or sealed to protect it from moisture damage. Wood is also softer than vinyl or aluminum, so it may dent or require repairs over time from normal wear and tear.

That said, wood also has great advantages. When properly maintained, it can last for decades with a lovely aged patina. The material also offers superb insulation if you select a wood species like mahogany or cedar that naturally resists decay. Environmentally-friendly bamboo is growing in popularity as a wood alternative that is just as durable.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl frames are the lowest-maintenance choice as they never need painting. The material holds up superbly well to all climate conditions without rotting, cracking or peeling. Vinyl is highly insulating, though less effective than wood or fiberglass.

Apart from requiring no painting, vinyl does not need staining, sealing or other annual treatments. It just needs an occasional cleaning. Vinyl frames are very durable and will last decades with little wear and tear showing on the surface. They generally offer an attractive, low-cost option in terms of upfront and ongoing maintenance costs.

  1. Aluminum

Aluminum frames are extremely strong and resistant to dents, warping and damage from hurricanes or storms. Aluminum is a top-rated material for energy efficiency and aluminum flames retain heat inside homes exceptionally well.

However, aluminum conducts temperature much more than other options. Homes with aluminum frames may experience more Temperature fluctuation between the inside and outdoors. Aluminum also has a more modern, sleek aesthetic that does not mimic wood as effectively as vinyl can. Regular cleaning is also needed due to its tendency to show fingerprints and water marks.

Making Your Selection

The perfect material depends on your budget, maintenance preferences, climate and design taste. Vinyl generally provides the best combination of beauty, durability and low lifetime cost. However, wood can give a truly distinguished appearance if you don’t mind the additional seasonal labor.

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