What Is the Standard Window Size in Florida?

Knowing the standard window sizes will make your work significantly easier, whether you are building a new home or want to renovate what you have. These window sizes can fit into most homes because of their consistent dimensions. As expected, various window types have varying sizes. Read on to know what to expect when choosing windows for your Florida home.

Why Are Standard Size Windows Essential?

Since standard window sizes are widely manufactured, they are always available. They can also be incorporated into multiple designs, materials, and sizes that conveniently fit into your home. 

This factor comes in handy, especially if you are renovating. Therefore, replacements are always readily available despite the type of windows you have. 

You can also expect standard window sizes to be cheaper than customized ones, making fitting them into your budget more manageable. 

The Common Standard Window Sizes in Florida

The necessary dimensions when measuring window sizes are the width and height. Window sizes are written as four-digit numbers, where the first two represent the width and the last two represent the height in inches. 

For example, if the size is 3040, the width is 30 inches, while the height is 40 inches. Alternatively, you could count it as 3 feet for the width and 4 feet for the height. Another example is 2434. You can read the width as 24 or 2 feet, 4 inches.

That said, let us get into the most common approximate sizes for different window types in Florida. 

  • Almost every window style in Florida offers a 24 x 36-inch option, which is the most standard window size. 
  • Double-hung windows have widths between 24 and 48 inches and heights between 36 and 72 inches. 
  • Single-hung windows usually have widths between 20 to 40 inches and heights of 30 to 60 inches. 
  • Picture windows can have widths between 24 and 96 inches and heights between 12 and 96 inches. 
  • Sliding windows usually have widths between 36 and 84 inches and heights between 24 and 60 inches.
  • Awning windows typically have widths of approximately 24 to 40 inches and heights of 20 to over 100 inches.

Note that many factors, including building codes, the purpose of the window, decor and architecture, ventilation needs, insulation needs, and more, will affect the size of your desired window. 

Consult an Expert

Considering the regulations you may have to follow to install new windows in your home, it is best to seek expert advice. Miller Window is a trusted and seasoned window installation company with decades of experience up our sleeves. 

Therefore, if you have questions about window sizes for your Florida home, you can consult us today. Furthermore, we can give you a quotation depending on what windows you want. Take the initiative and call us today at 386) 775-2893 for expert assistance.