What Preventive Maintenance Can You Do on Windows?

If your home feels neglected, it’s time to give it attention and the treatment it deserves. Like any part of your home in Orange City, windows need preventive maintenance to keep them working effectively. Well-maintained windows will enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal, improve energy efficiency, and provide a comfortable living environment.

Let’s explore how you can take care of windows to protect them.

1. Regular Inspection

Preventative maintenance that includes a yearly inspection of the home is essential. You should thoroughly inspect your windows once a year to spot any flaws. Look for issues with the sealant, the sash’s ability to slide, and the ease with which you can spin the cranks.

Keep an eye out for leaks and poor drainage, especially near vents and sprinklers, which can cause water to pool and eventually damage your windows. After a severe storm, especially if you suspect your windows were damaged by hail, checking for these problems is a good idea.

2. Thorough Cleaning and Lubrication of the Window Tracks

When dirt and debris accumulate in the tracks of a window, it increases the likelihood that the window may become stuck. Preventing this from happening is as simple as keeping the window tracks clean.

Keep your windows operating smoothly by regularly cleaning the tracks using a dry bristle brush and vacuum. You can use soap and water to remove any dirt a brush can’t dislodge.

As an added precaution, lubricating your windows is a good idea. Coat the weatherstripping with an oil-free lubricant. You will find effective dry lubricants at any nearby hardware shop.

Don’t use a lubricant that contains oils because they draw dirt and filth. Such material will accumulate in the window tracks. Over time it will make the windows harder to open and close.

3. Keep the Rubber Sealing in the Right Place

Window frames deteriorate over time due to exposure to rain and sunshine. The same is true in cold areas, especially when ice collects behind the rubber’s sealing and causes extensive damage.

Air from outside can seep inside and vice versa if there are cracks around the window’s perimeter. The cracks can be filled with caulk or rubber foam insulation. It works like a temporary patch to stop any air or water leaks.

If spaces between the latex sealing and the window’s rims exist, the air conditioning or heating system will be ineffective, and energy expenses will increase.

When to Call Miller Window for Window Replacement

Maintaining your windows is a simple task. Regular cleaning and lubrication are a must to maximize the window’s lifespan. Repairing the sealant, refinishing the wood, or fixing any other window portion is best left to the experts. So don’t hesitate to call them if you ever need it done.

You could do more harm than good to your windows if you try to perform the repair yourself.

Get in touch with Miller Window if you need assistance with routine upkeep or inspection of more serious window problems. We will assess the window damage and advise whether it is worth fixing or replacing the window.

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