What to Look for in a Window Company

If you’re thinking about replacing your windows, it pays to choose the right window company. While it might not seem like such a big deal, hiring a pro contractor matters greatly. For example, you want someone who can offer the best windows, knows how to install, and gives after-services.

A simple Google search can show countless local window companies promising high-quality products and services. But whether they can deliver on those promises is another thing.

Here are four things to look for in a window company.

Precision Installation Process

Having quality windows is one thing. Installing them without mishaps and faults is a whole different issue. Even the slightest mistakes will compromise the intended performance and your house’s overall look.

You can’t afford to have slanting windows or drafty frames. Therefore, precision is vital when it comes to window installation. At Miller Window, we have a detail-oriented installation process that is well thought through. It guides our technicians when measuring, cutting, and installing your windows with at most precision.

But how would you know whether the window company has a precise installation process? The best way is to ask for their written end-to-end process. You may also ask if they have a quality control system in place.

Experience to Stand Behind their Warranties

Most window replacement companies offer warranties on their finished job. That way, in case of any defect or malfunction, you can have them return and fix it. But a warranty shouldn’t be an excuse for a poorly executed job.

In fact, a warranty won’t save you much if your windows keep having issues now and then. It should only be for things beyond the installer’s control, like weather damage and manufacturing defects.

To avoid frequent repair and replacement issues, you should pick a window company with the experience and expertise to back up their warranties. Preferably, you want an outfit that has been doing this for many years. Miller Window has over 40 years in the business boasting a long line of satisfied customers.

Hands-On Management Team

There is some level of trust that comes with hiring a window company where top management is closely involved in the job. You feel they are not just after profits and neglecting the actual work. But that’s not possible with multinationals.

A family-owned and operated window company like Miller Window has a vested interest in the local community’s well-being. It’s not just about more money and more projects. But it’s about the pride and honor of a job well done. It’s also about a good reputation built over many years among Central Florida residents.

We ensure that the top-level management gets involved at every step of every project to ensure everything goes as planned. This close monitoring ensures you receive the highest quality of service and the best value for your money.

Approved and Partnered with Top Window Brands

Part of providing quality window services involves working with top-of-the-line products. There is no shortcut to this.

You only get quality windows from established, tried, and tested brands. But these companies are selective of whom to partner with. They only approve of those who meet their quality standards and have installation experience.

Miller Window is an authorized dealer and installer of Florida’s most popular window brands.

We work with the likes of:

  • Alside
  • PGT (1)
  • Pella
  • CGI

With such quality partnerships, you can be sure you are getting only the best windows for your home or business.

Refrain from trusting your project to just any window company. Do your homework and ensure they have what it takes and can deliver on their promises.

Miller Window is a trusted family-owned business offering quality window services to Central Florida residents. We have over four decades of experience working on thousands of homes and businesses. Call us today at (386) 775-2893 to request a free estimate and get started.

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