Window Quality in Storm-prone Areas

Building in storm-prone areas like Florida comes with unique considerations that you must plan for. One of those factors is window quality. Installing high-quality windows in your home or business keeps you and your property safe from storm damage.

This article will briefly discuss the importance of window quality in areas prone to storms. We will also offer some tips on how to get the best out of your windows.

Storm Protection

The building codes in Florida require some storm protection for windows. That means you will have to install either hurricane or impact windows. However, you can not use just any windows from random manufacturers you know nothing about.

Your storm protection windows should be of the highest quality from reputable manufacturers. That way, you can have some guarantee that they won’t crack or split with the slightest gust of strong wind. Plus, well-known companies will have their windows tested by many users and installers.

Energy Efficiency

Drafts, air leaks, and other problems due to low-quality windows can cost you lots of money in heating and cooling bills. And in storm-prone areas, the issues can become even worse due to the high winds and frequent heavy rains. While they might seem minor initially, the costs can add up quickly if you don’t do anything.

Installing high-quality windows will help keep your home or business more energy efficient. They reduce air infiltration and prevent drafts. That way, you can have a comfortable indoor space without turning your HVAC system full blast.

Improved Security

It’s not just about winds that threaten your safety. Sometimes, it’s the flying debris, such as tree branches and someone’s front porch chair. If you have low-quality windows, there is a higher likelihood that those objects will crush through into your living space.

Other times, it is burglary or vandalism, where criminals are looking for an easy way to get inside your property. A sturdy and high-quality window will make breaking in extremely difficult for anyone. It will secure your home from flying objects, burglars, and vandals.

Installation Matters

While you can have high-quality windows, it won’t do much good if the installation is shoddy. You need someone who knows, understands, and is well-equipped to install your windows. A professional window installer will mount your windows correctly and ensure they are secured firmly against any weather or force.

At Miller Window, we are such a team of professionals. We specialize in installing high-quality windows for homes and businesses in Florida. Call us at (386) 775-2893 to request a free estimate.

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